A startling, paradigm-changing exploration of the revolutionary part of the American Revolution: the ideas that changed the world for good.


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“Matthew Stewart’s brilliant new book breathes fresh life into our understanding of the American Revolution. Beautifully written and lucidly argued, Nature’s God recovers the lost voices and original intentions of the thoughtful men who made America. Sure to stir controversy on all fronts, Nature’s God will set the agenda for serious discussion of the American Revolution’s significance in world history.”

— Peter S. Onuf, author of The Mind of Thomas Jefferson

“Splendid . . . imaginative but never fanciful, even at its most surprising. What lends Nature’s God a good deal of its verve is Matthew Stewart’s unabashed attachment not only to the revolutionaries as they really were, but to the skeptical rationalism they embodied. This is partisan scholarship as it should be written, and much needed service to the public.”

— Alan Ryan, author of The Making of Modern Liberalism

“In a book that offers you a chance to rethink much of what you thought you knew about America’s founders, Matthew Stewart traces the little-known influence of secular philosophers, from Epicurus through Spinoza, on the revolutionary generation and offers a lively, powerful, and erudite refutation of the myth that the framers of our secular Constitution had any intention of founding an orthodox Christian nation.”

— Susan Jacoby, author of Freethinkers: A History of American Secularism


W.W. Norton & Co, July 4, 2014



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A New York Times Notable Book of the Year — “Exhilarating … a page-turner about jousting metaphysical ideas, casting thinkers as warriors.” “a gripping tale … What really makes Matthew Stewart’s biography … worth reading is the light it throws on the true motivation of engineers and scientists of every period.” “… funny enough to make you laugh out loud … Like Prometheus, Stewart robs the fire of philosophy from the professionals … and shares it among common mortals.”

— The Wall Street Journal

— The New York Times

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m-stuartMatthew Stewart is an independent writer and philosopher.